Ultra-chic Sydney stylist Josephine Eve walks us through the best packing check-lists for a cool and cool-looking summer holiday.

Summer is undeniably the best time to stroll along the seaside, enjoy the warm coastal breeze, and bask in the sun to achieve that gorgeous summer glow.

Of course, you can’t go on a holiday willy-nilly and expect it to be the best summer vacation you’ll ever have. Good holidays must be well-planned. And one of the musts in your planning is knowing what to pack.

Preparing for a holiday can be a headache for some, with too much in the suitcase eliciting major holiday-stress.  Not good!

More often than not, travellers tend to over-pack. Admit it – you’ve probably been down that road too.  How many times have you included your closet and then only used a couple of pieces?

The key is to try to pack light and only include pieces that are versatile and that can be mixed and matched. You might say, “But I want to stay in style throughout my whole vacation.” You can! You can pack light, and still look stylish for all your holiday snaps.

So don’t stress! Packing for a beach holiday can be still be fun. Below is a list to help you prep up and get going:

This is what the beautiful Natalie bought for her Bali vacation at the Wyndham Dreamland Resort Bali, with my help at DFO Brisbane.


Summer Holiday Packing Essentials

Stylist Tip #1:

Firstly, I highly recommend creating an outfit vision board prior to outfit planning for your vacation, either via Pinterest or magazine. This will help you get clear on the style that you want, as well as providing that vacay inspo.

1. Swimsuits: Swimsuits know no age! Your summer snaps wouldn’t be complete without a beach photo in your best one or two piece.

2. Cross body bag: Functional, handy, and chic. Choose a bag embodies these attributes. You bag will give you freedom of movement and store valuables such as wallets and cellphones.




3.  Summer hat: Pack a brimmed hat wide enough to give you the protection you need. Plus, with a chic pair of sunglasses, your summer OOTDs are complete. *wink*

4. Tote bag: You can carry this on-board so it won’t take up space in your luggage. Aside from securing your personal items, it’s especially handy for the souvenirs you’ll find on the way.

5. Sunscreen: Being sun-safe should still be one of your top priorities.


Summer Holiday Essential Outfits

Stylist Tip #2:

An easy, no-brainer tip for packing is to know what you’re going to be doing in advance – outdoor sports/adventures, family outings, cocktail bar, casual restaurants, fine dining restaurants et cetera.

Also consider the weather conditions: very hot, mild, cold, cold inside/outside (for this you might need layers like a cardi or jacket).


1. Romper Playsuit/Jumpsuit: Cute, lightweight and comfortable! Rompers are versatile and a vacation must-have!




2. Maxi dress: Flattering, easy-to-wear and could be sexy and conservative at the same time.




3. Midi dress: For a smooth outfit transition from day to evening.




4. Flowy dress: Breathable, and could provide enough coverage for those who easily burn.




5. Maxi skirt: Breezy, stylish and goes well with swimsuits.




6. Wrap skirt: These can be excellent as a bikini bottom cover.




Stylist Tip #3:

A great tip that a lot of people don’t do is try on their outfits beforehand to make sure that all pieces:

A) still fit properly

B) style easily together, and

C) Making sure that your pieces are easy-to-care for while you’re away – that is, does the item easily crease, and will you need dry cleaning or get away with ironing?

  • Denim skirt: Excellent for pairing with sneakers when you go souvenir-shopping.
  • Shorts: Cute and comfy. Perfect for strolls around the town.



  • White shirt: Nothing beats basic. A white shirt can be paired with almost every bottom.



  • Knit top/Tank top/Cami: Sleek and sophisticated. Pair with a flowy skirt or mix-and-match with different items.



  • Cardigan – Throw on a cardi on when it gets chilly or windy. Especially during those night walks on the beach. *wink* A cardi is a great light layer which is great for when it gets chilly, windy or when you’re stepping into a freezing-cold air-conditioned room.


Summer Holiday Swimming Check-list

  • One-piece Bikini: Classy, sexy, and never goes out of style. You can wear both a swimsuit and bodysuit as a top with shorts, skirt or sarong.





  • Bodysuit Bikini: Can double-duty as a top (as long as it’s dry). Pair it with your shorts, then you’re good to go.




Warm Weather Footwear

  1. Sneakers: Wear these on board so you wouldn’t have to pack them in your suitcase. They’re also great for walking around town or doing adventures outside your resort. Style them with a pair of shorts and a tee.
  2. Sandals: No-one could go wrong with a neutral-toned pair of comfy sandals.
  3. Block heels: Grab a pair for an instant glam-up.


Stylist Tip #4:

The key to packing light is ‘versatility’ and without it, you’ll be paying a hefty tax on extra luggage and additional and unnecessary weight to lug around. I recommend mixing and matching your pieces together where possible.

Summer holidays are something to look forward to, especially if you want to decompress and take time off from the busyness of the metropolis. There’s a wide range of splendid coastal destinations out there for you to enjoy, so take your pick and make the most out of your summer holiday!





I’m Josephine Eve,your personal fashion stylist based in Sydney (and online). I’m here to empower you with confidence by helping you to embrace your body in your best outfits, by creating a staple, versatile and comfortable wardrobe for you that is flattering, whilst helping you nail your signature style, so that you can feel and look more confident in your stylish self every day! #winning! @josephine_eve_stylist

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