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Located in Indonesia’s largest island Sumatra, Palembang is one of the oldest cities in Southeast Asia and the capital of South Sumatra. Since antiquity, it has been a major port city which has resulted in an amalgamation of cultures stemming from Malay and Javanese customs. Palembang holidays are not only a perfect destination but also an adventure.

Things to do in Palembang

Palembang is situated along the Musi River (one of the longest rivers in Sumatra) which forms the heart of Palembang and divides the city into two parts. The many streams that run through the city has resulted in Palembang often being referred to as ‘The Venice of the East’. Pay a visit to the Ampera Bridge which was built in 1965 and is now a main icon of Palembang as it connects the two parts of the city. By the bridge, you will find a traditional floating market where you can purchase fresh produce from the locals. Top tip: On a clear evening, watch the sunset over the ancient Chinese shop-houses along the river. Learn more about Palembang’s history and take a trip to the island of Kamaro, home to numerous pagodas and Chinese temples.

Places to visit in Palembang

As a host city of the 2018 Asian Games, Palembang is now home to a range of brand new, sports facilities & venues within the Jakabaring Sport City complex. If you’d rather fit in some retail therapy instead, head on over to the Opi Mall in Palembang where you’ll find a diverse range of shops, cinema & ice skating rink.

A visit to Palembang isn’t complete without trying the local delicacy ‘Pempek’ – a savoury fishcake served with a yummy sweet and tangy sauce. With the delicacy being widely available around Palembang, the city has coined the nickname ‘City of Pempek’.

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