Don’t play it safe when you’re visiting some place you’ve never been to.  You’ll miss out on the hidden gems and overlooked attractions that make travelling so exciting. Get out, take a look around and do the stuff the locals do. Here are our 10 commandments of travelling thou must obey!


Get a little lost

Wandering off the beaten path is when you’re most likely to find the good stuff. Get a little lost, and don’t be afraid to not know exactly where you are. You’ll always find your way back home, and likely create a great story in the process. If you do get lost, just ask a local for help.


Try something new

It doesn’t matter whether it’s parachuting, deep-sea diving or just picking strawberries in a field. You don’t have to be a daredevil, but trying something new will give you a great sense of achievement. After all, that’s exactly what holidays are about – stepping outside the bounds of normal life and exploring new, exciting things.


Try the local cuisine

Are you one of those people who recoils in fear/disgust/horror if you’re presented with a plateful of something unrecognisable? Well, it’s time to open your mind. Even if the local cuisine isn’t quite what you’re used to ordering for Friday night take-out, trying it is an essential travel experience. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even find a new favourite!


Ride the local bus

Jump on the local bus to really get a good feel for the place. It won’t just take you past the big tourist attractions – you’ll also get to see the local surrounds from ground-level. It’s a great way to orient yourself in a different city and add some new attractions to your itinerary.


Get away from all the tourist attractions

It’s okay, don’t stress – we all love a good tourist attraction. When you’ve seen countless photos of it on the Internet or in guidebooks, you just want to experience the real deal. But, again, taking a step away from the ‘standard’ experiences can open our eyes to a new world of wonders we might not have otherwise visited.


Embrace being a tourist

At the same time, you are a tourist, so go ahead and do all the touristy stuff! You want to get your picture taken next to that famous monument and post the photos up on your social media ASAP. It would be a bit embarrassing if you visited Paris but didn’t climb the Eiffel Tower, wouldn’t it?


Be open minded

Going somewhere new? Always try to be as open-minded as possible. Customs and cultures differ from place-to-place, even if you’re in the same country. Embrace the local vibe, and you’ll learn to flourish in new environments.


Talk to people

Don’t be afraid. Talk to the locals. You’ll probably discover some interesting facts about the area, great places to eat and fun things to do. Locals know stuff that you don’t and can guide you to things you wouldn’t have experienced if you’d stuck to the holiday brochure map. Go on, live a little!


Keep in contact

Try and stay in contact with people from back home, via text, email or social media. Disappearing off the face of the planet is never a good look and can worry your friends and family. Moral of the story: be considerate, and take a bit of time every few days to check in.



Always have your camera at hand

A camera is the one thing you should never forget on your travels (and your passport – don’t forget your passport). You can visually document your every move and keep the memories alive for years to come. These days, it’s so easy – your iPhone takes photos that are on par with the much bulkier DSLRs, with just one tap of your finger. Get snapping!

There you have it – the 10 travelling commandments thou shalt live by. What are you waiting for? Get out there, and make your travel happen.

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