Though no-one knows exactly where or when surfing was invented – it’s been practised for generations in the South Pacific islands, and it’s thought that Polynesian settlers in Hawaii initially introduced the sport to the West – Australia is the country with which it’s most associated.

With over 37,000 kilometres of golden coastline, and some of the best beaches and biggest waves in the world, surfing is a way of life for many Australians. Here are our three top Aussie beaches:

Point Break, Noosa, Queensland

The beach at Point Break, Noosa, found just half-an-hour’s drive from Ramada Marcoola Beach, is tailor-made for those who love to longboard. If you go out in good conditions, you may well be able to ride a tube for over 200 metres. The gentle swells are awesome for beginners, too, so head on down if you don’t want to face the ferocity of more unforgiving waves.

Oh, and remember to bring a camera – Point Break is a postcard-perfect beach you won’t want to forget.

Seal Rocks and Pacific Palms, New South Wales

Several beaches of wildly differing character can be found in this corner of New South Wales, located on a scenic drive around Ramada Shoal Bay. If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t shy away from five-metre waves, head on down to either Lighthouse or Treachery Beach at Seal Rocks.

surf at seal rocks, new south wales
As the southern winds blow, ready your board (and your nerves) as the ocean’s natural roller coasters rumble in.

For something a little more tranquil, make your way to Pacific Palms. There are still waves here, but they’re slow-moving and gentle, meaning you can take it easy. If you’re especially lucky, a gang of dolphins might turn up and share the waves with you!

One more thing: this small pocket of New South Wales is largely undeveloped, so don’t come here expecting a wild night at the clubs – you make your own adventures on the peaceful beaches.

Margaret River, Yallingup and Prevelly Park, Western Australia

Yallingup, a town in the northern reaches of Western Australia, may be tiny in size, but its waves certainly aren’t. Found bare minutes from Ramada Resort by Wyndham Dunsborough, Yallingup is not just a great surfing area – it’s also home to a suite of wineries, and the two often intertwine.

surf at Yallingup
Yallingup offers several breaks of varying sizes, from waist-high beginner’s waves to three metre swells that will challenge the intermediate rider.

Head a little south to Prevelly Park, though, and things get a bit more serious. Make that a lot more serious. Here, waves rear to a height of up to seven metres, curving into beautiful, near-perfect tubes as they make their way to shore. “What’s so bad about that?”, we hear you ask. Surely the worse that can happen is that you fall, get a little wet, come to the surface and carry on?

Wrong. Just feet under the wave-foam is a perilous offshore reef, waiting for riders to be dashed against it by particularly aggressive waves. It sounds grim, but it’s this extra danger that attracts surfers from around the world, who tackle Prevelly with firmly-fastened helmets.

Like what we’ve talked about? Get going, and book a wave-washed vacay. Surf’s up!

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