Let the battle commence. Our Marcoola Beach and Golden Beach resorts are going head-to-head in a contest for holiday supremacy. With more attractions than just sun and sand, deciding which of these Sunny Coast getaways is best won’t be easy. In this article, we’re going to examine what each resort has to offer, and break down which one is ideal for your Wyndham holiday.


Marcoola Beach

Located on the Sunshine Coast, this gorgeous little suburb is just 10 minutes from the Sunshine Coast Airport, so you can step off the plane and settle in straight away.

There’s a nice variety of shops and cafes to explore, as well as the local surf club, which is great for getting into the waves ’n’ water spirit of the Sunny Coast; its integrated bar, bistro and gaming lounge means you don’t need to head into the city for a spot of late-night fun.

If you’re just looking to relax, the lifeguard-patrolled beach is the place to head. Although it’s not overly busy, local surfers and dog-walkers mean there’s plenty of opportunities to chat to the locals. Once you’ve had a refreshing swim or enhanced that beautiful bronze tan, you can pop on a sarong and head across the road for a café-made smoothie or ice-cream.

There’s also a long walking path along the beach front; for those of us who like to cycle or walk, it’s perfect, and there’s plenty of areas to sit down and enjoy a family picnic.

To top this suburb’s extensive list of activities you can try surfing, fishing or kayaking. In winter, you might spot a humpback whale or two, or get to see turtles hatching on the beach at night. The kids will absolutely love it!


Golden Beach

Golden Beach. Even the name sounds glamorous, doesn’t it? This place is locus of tranquillity – relaxation is just a part of everyday life. Located between Caloundra and Pelican Waters, the beach itself is shielded by Bribie Island, so you can enjoy calm swimming conditions without lots of breakers.

The Golden Beach Esplanade is perfect for long walks and bike rides, offering about an hour’s worth of beachfront strolling. Alternatively, try jet skiing or go boating. The area is renowned for its excellent fishing conditions, and, if you get tired of dangling a line, there’s plenty of space to water ski.

Sunshine Coast beach
There’s multiple public barbeques along the beachfront, so you can take the family out to start a sausage sizzle anytime you like. For those looking to explore, there are river boat cruises of the Pumicestone Passage, as well as a variety of local restaurants offering great food.
Just three minutes’ drive north of your Wyndham Resort, the area on and around Bulcock Street is a foodie’s paradise. You can find a variety of eateries, including Thai, Italian, Chinese, Indian, Australian and café cuisine. Whether you’re chasing some local seafood or an Italian gelato, there’s something for everyone. To enjoy a beachfront dining experience, try Alfie’s Mooo Char & Bar, Hog’s Australia Steakhouse or Tides Waterfront Dining.

If you’re tired of staring at a computer screen or dealing with the stress of a nine-to-five job, Golden Beach is perfect for you. With sun, sand and that Sunny Coast atmosphere, it’s a holiday destination guaranteed to relax and rejuvenate.


Which is Best?

Can we say ‘both’? It really comes down to what you, personally, are after. If you want sheer relaxation, we recommend Golden Beach. If you’re a family or wanting a more active holiday, Marcoola Beach is the destination for you.

Why not visit both and see for yourself? It’s a great excuse to book a couple of holidays!


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