Australia is a country blessed with a beautiful range of natural offerings. From verdant forests and heat-hazed deserts to mist-shrouded mountains and glittering ocean, there’s few countries that can offer such a spectacular display of landscapes.

You’ve probably heard about the beaches and the mountains, but what about Australia’s lakes? If you’re on an inland holiday and can’t hit the surf, a dip in a lake is the next best thing. In this post, we’ve compiled a couple of our favourites to help you get the most out of your Aussie vacation.


Blue Lake, Queensland

There’s no body of water as aptly-named as Queensland’s Blue Lake. Located in the wilds of North Stradbroke Island, the sapphire waters that characterise this stunning lake look almost unnatural. Those looking to escape the rat-race should make their way to Blue Lake – it offers a solitude and tranquillity that’s a far cry from Australia’s urban hubs.


What’s more, this enchanting lagoon – nicknamed ‘God’s Bathtub’ – is often deserted, so there’s a chance you’ll have it completely to yourself. Treat yourself to a therapeutic swim or relax with a book as gentle waves lap the shore; the car park is a two-kilometre walk from the lakeshore, so you won’t be disturbed by the sound of traffic.


Lake St Clair, Tasmania

Although there are many reasons to visit Tasmania’s Seven Mile Beach, a trip to Australia’s southern-most state means you’ll get to see its beautiful, pristine lakes.

If you’re exploring Tassie’s forested heart, you can’t miss the Lake St Clair. Sprawled in the shadow of Cradle Mountain, this freshwater body is almost 200 metres deep. There’s an awesome variety of walking trails around both St Clair and the mountain, and, if you get tired of hiking, you can go for a splash in the icy water. Echidnas are also common in this part of the world, so come and say hello!


Lake Argyle, Western Australia

Okay, so we’re cheating a little bit here – Lake Argyle is actually artificial, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less beautiful. Just a stone’s throw from Perth, Lake Argyle is the ideal destination for those looking to get wet and wild. Water skiing, jetboating and other aquatic sports are all popular on Argyle, but don’t feel left out if you like to live life at a slower pace – fishing and scenic boat rides are also available.

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