We all love a selfie – go on, admit it! The click of the camera, the pose which shows only the best side of your face and that selfie stick you got for Christmas. The selfie has become a phenomenon, and most of us are guilty of taking one.

But how do you take the perfect holiday selfie? According to research, 44.5% of people take selfies when on holiday. You probably see them splashed across your Instagram – selfie on the beach, selfie at the bar, selfie in the swanky hotel, selfie of a selfie.  We’ve put together a few quick tips to help you get your selfie on fleek, so read on!



This can make or break your holiday selfie. Standing in a spot where the lighting makes you look like an ogre is not only highly unflattering, but it’s also not going to get you any likes on the ’gram. In fact, you’ll probably lose followers. It’s time to get serious with your choice of lighting.

Stand in a spot with bright natural light, and make sure you’re not looking at the sun. A squinting selfie isn’t an appealing one. Getting the lighting just right can really help that selfie pop!


Strike a Pose (like Madonna did!)

We don’t expect you to Vogue, but getting your stance right so you don’t look strange is a good first step. A nice pose can enhance a photo, and highlight the best of you and whatever you’re showcasing. Stand tall, don’t slouch and show off a little – after all, you’re the one on holiday! That said, don’t do the typical optical illusions shot (you know, the ones where you pretend you’re holding up the leaning Tower of Pisa – please, just don’t).


Don’t over do it on the duck lips

Duck lips are a big no-no in the selfie world these days. Ain’t no self-respecting selfie-taker doing duck lips these days! Keep your face natural, smile and your selfie will look casually beautiful. You also want to look happy on holiday, so keep it real – don’t overdo the forced facial expressions.


Find a glamorous holiday back-drop

You’re on holiday, so show the world where you are. You want the people who follow your Instagram to be envious of the amazing places you’re holidaying at. Find the best bits of your holiday, snap away and flaunt it!

Surfy selfie? Sydney Bridge selfie? Snowy selfie? Super-cool view selfie? You know what we’re saying here. You want to create selfie envy, and your backdrop plays a massive part in this.


Take a foodie selfie

Show off some of the local cuisine and how much you’re enjoying it #nomnom. We all eat on holiday, and most of us tend to go overboard.

We treat ourselves to amazing (and pricey) meals we wouldn’t normally eat back home. Don’t let it go to waste – get snap-happy and show off that delicious grub. Taking a photo with your food before you’ve tucked in is usually best – no-one likes a face covered in food and a half-empty plate. Keep it classy!

So there you go … you’re now a selfie expert who’s ready to take Instagram by storm with your fancy holiday snaps. Make sure to always review your photos before posting, and delete the unflattering ones. Use a filter to add a little character to the shot and #hashtag away. It’s as simple of that. You’ll have the art of the holiday selfie down in no time with these tips, so get snapping and start sharing your visual travel stories. Your Insta-fam will love you for it!

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