When you’re about to go on holiday, you’re bubbling with excitement at the thought of the great times ahead. Unfortunately, before you leave, you have to perform the dreaded task of suitcase-packing.

Whether you’re prepping for a weekend getaway or an extended family holiday, you always have the same problems: the suitcase is too small/too heavy, clothes get wrinkled/squashed/don’t fit and you’re running out of time/energy/patience. And, without fail, you always manage to forget something! We know – it’s frustrating.

To help you complete one of the world’s most annoying tasks, we’ve compiled a few easy tips for getting those suitcases packed in 30 minutes or less. Ready?


Organisation is Everything

Before you stand in front of your closet and start panicking about what to pack into your suitcase, think about what you actually need. What’s the weather like at your holiday destination? What activities are you planning to do? How often will you have to change your outfit? It’s much easier to pack your suitcase and grab the right clothes from your closet when you know roughly what your holiday involves. Surfing? Boardies, packed. Fancy dinner? Nice dress, packed. Hiking? Comfy walking shoes, packed! You’ll become a bag-pack pro in no time with this one simple rule.


Pick the Right Luggage

Change up your luggage type based on whether you’re doing a beach vacay, quick business flight or family getaway. Choosing the right-sized luggage makes for a quick and organised packing experience. If you’re jumping from airport to taxi to boardroom, you probably don’t need a suitcase that’s as tall as you are. You can also save yourself some time by knowing exactly how to pack your suitcase. For example, folding or rolling your clothes can make a big difference. Pack smart, not hard.


Pack Straight Into the Suitcase

If you a suitcase packed in 30 minutes, avoid folding your clothes prior to packing. It’s pretty time-consuming to spread everything you want to take on your bed or floor. Instead, have your suitcase open and pack your clothes directly from the closet into the case to speed things up.


Pack Your Shoes First

Provide a solid foundation for your suitcase by packing your shoes in first. Beforehand, fill them with rolled-up socks, underwear, belts or smaller accessories to save some space in your suitcase. This also helps keep the shape of your shoes intact. Holiday hack right there – are we savvy, or what?


Use Travel Containers

Travel-sized bags and containers are very helpful for packing small items. Instead of packing things such as phones, cords or USBs in between your clothes, put them into zip lock bags or travel containers. It saves time and means you won’t forget where you put them.


5-second Packing

This tip’s perfect for the business travellers out there who can smash out packing in a heartbeat. Try pack your clothes in hanging storage suit covers. They fit perfectly into a suitcase and you’re able to unpack your suitcase in seconds. When you reach your Wyndham accommodation, it’s easy to just re-hang them on a closet rail. This helps you to stay organised and saves plenty of time.

And there you have it – six tips to make holiday preparation as easy as possible. You’ll be a bag-packing pro in no time with these awesome hacks, so what are you waiting for? Book your next getaway, and start practising!

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