Have you done the headline destinations like Gold Coast and Port Douglas but don’t want to stop there? Are you looking for affordable holiday destinations that can be enjoyed without pricey international flight?

If you prefer staying in Australia to uncover some hidden Aussie gems, or you like to go off the beaten track to explore new destinations, Wyndham adds a fresh touch to your travel options.

Australia has a fantastic range of raw, unspoiled destinations that are ideal for families – Flynns Beach in Port Macquarie, Pokolbin Hill in the Hunter Valley, Shoal Bay in Port StephensBallarat in the the Central Highlands of Victoria and the gateway to the Great Ocean Road in Torquay.


Travel Testimonials

Access to a range of accommodation options all around the world has definitely changed the way Bernadette Carey holidays with her family – especially when it comes to utilising short-stay holiday breaks to explore her own Australian backyard.

“We love, love, love our holidays and thanks to Wyndham, we have just spent the most wonderful, peaceful, and idyllic seven days at Pokolbin Hill, Hunter Valley – and we have come away with some beautiful memories. Today, we arrived at Flynns Beach, Port Macquarie for the next week and we are very excited to be here in this beautiful part of Australia. This is our first time to both Pokolbin and Flynns. Our primary reason in deciding to use Wyndham was for the holidays, experiences and memories that we have had, and will continue to have. We consider ourselves very lucky, as without the product and offerings from Wyndham, we honestly would struggle to have even a two-week holiday in any one year,” says Bernadette.

Timothy Martin shares similar feelings.

“We joined to force us to take holidays and we’ve been lucky enough to visit places we would never have got to otherwise,” he says of his family’s decision to join the Wyndham family.

For Glenn Byrom, the happiness he feels comes from the opportunity to travel to places he and his family had never been.

“We love our holidays, and if we had not used Wyndham, we would never have stayed at some of the luxurious places that we have,” Glenn says.



The Accommodation Revolution

When it comes to booking safe and secure places for your family to call home on your next holiday adventure, Wyndham makes sense for lots of reasons. Planning your break from work in advance gives you something to look forward to – together – and by saving towards a holiday you’ve planned for, the anticipation of seeing it finally become a reality is a pleasure too good to miss. With Wyndham accommodation, you have the ability to holiday more affordably and more frequently each and every year.

Don’t just plan your next holiday – actually do it.

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