Your holiday is just around the corner, and you’re counting down the days until you pack your bags and fly off to a destination full of sun and fun. That break from the everyday tedium of work is at the forefront of your mind, and you’ve got one eye fixed on your calendar, counting down the days to take-off.

A holiday is one of the best ways to maintain good mental health, and we’re here to share a few great tips for when you’re holidaying next. To return home physically and mentally reinvigorated, check out our four healthy holiday habits and the science behind them.


Healthy Holiday Habit 1: Laughter and Fun

We all love a good belly-laugh, and everything that it means – friends, family and fun. The sense of freedom and possibility a holiday brings means it’s a great opportunity to crack a smile and start chuckling. And what are the scientific benefits of laughter? It triggers the release of endorphins in our bodies, giving us that natural feel-good joy. Next time you’re on holidays, try a ‘laughter yoga’ class to get the party started, or have some silly family fun without the usual restraints of work and school. After all, laughter is the best medicine for a healthy mind, body and soul.


Healthy Holiday Habit 2: Memories for the Future

Creating holiday memories with the family is priceless. You and your loved ones will carry those memories throughout your lives, long after your beach-side suntan has faded. Making great memories through holidaying regularly isn’t just great for family reunions, though – it’s also a way to relax once the holiday itself has finished. Clinical studies have indicated that recalling good holiday memories can help you relax in periods following the vacations. The effects of this have been compared to meditation, with similar stress-relief benefits that can help you cope with tough work situations.


Healthy Holiday Habit 3: The Sun and the Sea

The sun gets a bit of a bad rap for its association with skin damage and cancer-inducing UV rays, but it also has a number of health benefits you might not be aware of. Sunlight is essential for helping our bodies absorb calcium, which in turn keeps our bones healthy and protects us against more serious illnesses like osteoporosis. The salt found in seawater can act as a topical anti-inflammatory, and contains minerals that remove toxins from skin tissue via natural exfoliation. Although it’s important to be sun-safe by wearing sun screen and hats, going for a swim in the surf is actually great for you – so what are you waiting for?


Healthy Holiday Habit 4: Extra Sleep

The hustle and bustle of everyday life often leaves us sleep-deprived. Sleep deprivation is linked to a number of health issues, including poor concentration, reduced memory, increased risk of diabetes and increased risk of heart disease. That said, this isn’t an issue you need to lose sleep over (sorry, we couldn’t resist) – holidaying gives us a chance to get that extra shut-eye our bodies have been craving. A good night’s sleep will help minimise those health issues we just mentioned, help you think clearer, wake up with a zest for life and remove dark/puffy under-eye circles. When you’re away from the stress of work and everyday life, you can properly relax and enjoy a beautiful, nourishing snooze for as long as you like.

And that’s it – four healthy holiday habits that you can try next time you have a work-free vacay. Enjoy!

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