Tech-free tourism: it’s one of the hottest travel trends right now. Recent stats tell us that the average Aussie spends up to three hours a day on the internet, and that less than one in five of our kids are getting the recommended hour per day of physical activity.  Additionally, research conducted in the US showed that 54% of children think their parents check their phones too often and 32% of children said they felt “unimportant” when parents are distracted by their phones.

Leaving all your devices at home and heading out into the wilderness is probably a little far-fetched for the average family, but the good news is there are plenty of simple ways for you to enjoy some tech-free time and make lasting holiday memories with your family.


Time Out

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Designate a set time during which all electronic devices will be switched off. Divert phones to voicemail with a message to call an alternate number, such as hotel reception, in the event of an emergency. Put your devices away in a safe place, out of reach of children. As they say, “out of sight, out of mind”.


Pack a Polaroid

Not only will this ensure that you capture those precious holiday memories while your devices are locked away, but it will also provide hours of entertainment for the kids. Get them to create their own keepsake postcards or travel journals using instant Polaroid pictures. You can pick up a disposable Polaroid camera pre-loaded with film for less than $18 from stores such as Officeworks.


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Board-om Buster

Board games are a great way to keep boredom at bay when it’s raining outside or if you’ve retired indoors for the day. Pack a few travel-sized games such as Guess Who, Snakes & Ladders or Connect Four and set up a round-robin style family tournament. You can pick these up from your local discount store or Kmart for a few dollars.

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