We’ve all experienced it. You know, that playground conversation about what you did during the school holidays. But when it comes to your kids, the last thing you want is for them to feel frustrated and unhappy that all their friends seem to be having a much better time than them – especially when, with just a little planning and smart budgeting , you can help them experience the same amazing adventures in incredible holiday destinations.


Unforgettable Family Holidays

Making memories is one of the best things any family can do together and, when those memories are filled with stories about different things they had the chance to see and do in destinations, such as FijiGold Coast, ThailandPort DouglasBali, or even Margaret River, you’re setting them up for a playground conversation they won’t feel embarrassed to have.

Better Budgeting for a Brilliant Holiday

Meet Olivia. She’s had a staycation at home in the suburbs, so, when her bestie asks her what she did on the holidays and she comes back with stories about having her hair trimmed for back-to-school, getting her teeth cleaned at the dentist and the occasional trip to the movies in between playing video games at home, it’s obviously not the most riveting tale to share.

Now meet Abbie.

While Olivia was learning how to floss more thoroughly, Abbie was whizzing down the water slide on the Gold Coast after an afternoon of playing in the pool and frolicking at the beach.

With Wyndham, you can help your child create their own stories that are filled with unique experiences – experiences that get them moving and enjoying the challenge of trying new things.

Discover Wyndham Holiday Opportunities

With the budget-friendliness of Wyndham, Australian families can enjoy affordable holidays more often, so there’s no need for Abbie to brag – and definitely no reason for Olivia to feel like she’s missed out. Now everyone – including you and your family – has the chance to take a family holiday every year and make their own unique memories.

Spend Money On What Makes You Smile

mum and child

When it comes to the best way to have a fantastic family holiday experience, the most important element is spending time together. It’s also great to have the freedom to explore the things you love in your own time, and the available budget to help you enjoy the extra treats along the way. If your ideal holiday includes the ability to choose between staying in for dinner or dining out at a tempting local restaurant, Wyndham accommodation is for you – enjoy luxurious, private accommodation that puts the best of everything practically at your doorstep.

A memorable holiday is not always about the most exotic destination.

When you have the choice of travelling within Australia or jetting overseas, you can holiday and budget with confidence – and choose a trip you’ll love, without the stress of worrying about blowing your bank balance. From the snowy peaks of New Zealand and the lush jungles of Thailand to the beautiful beaches of tropical Fiji and the sun-soaked Gold Coast beaches, your perfect family holiday is at your fingertips.

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