Are you on the fence about having a break from work? Here’s why taking a holiday is the best way to avoid burnout and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

Ever thought to yourself, “I need a holiday”? That’s a rhetorical question – we all have. Holidays are essential for both your mental health and your workplace productivity, so what’s standing in your way?

An estimated 67% of Australians didn’t use all their annual leave in 2016, with reasons varying from being too busy at work to stressing over planning the holiday itself. Statistics like this reflect a culture of workaholics who struggle with sleep, eat poorly and never spend time with their families. Now compare that number to Wyndham Timeshare owners, all of whom take regular holidays – as many as two to three a year!

So, are you ready for that stress-free vacay, or are you still making excuses like “I’m too busy to plan a holiday”, “I’ve got too much work to do” or “I don’t want to burden my colleagues with my workload”.

Yes, we’ve heard them all, and it’s time to stop making excuses. In fact, with Wyndham, these excuses just won’t work. We make holiday planning simple and cost-effective, and it can be done well in advance. What’s more, your whole family can come too – your little ones, your parents, and even the in-laws.


Good for the Whole Family

Still not convinced? The proof is in the research, and more so if you’re bringing your children. According to neuroscientists, when children are on holiday, their bodies release neurochemicals that bring down stress levels and release warm, fuzzy feelings. Why would your kids be stressed? It could be because you’re stressed and have less time to spend with them, or you’re struggling to give them proper attention because you’re preoccupied with work. Think about it – if you’re not going on holiday, neither is your family.

Now, picture this – sinking your feet into fine-grained sand, running along the beach, splashing in a pool, strolling beneath ancient trees. It’s moments like these that gives kids a sense of family and improves parent-child bonding. Again, research points to improved brain development. You never have enough time for proper family interaction with your weekly workplace grind. Everyone’s busy with their own little world – different interests, different friends, different schedules. A timeshare holiday breaks that corrosive routine, bringing the entire family together to create meaningful memories.

Kalim Bay-beach-view

Research also indicates the benefits remain once your holiday’s finished. That mini-break or a longer one (yes, we’re pushing the boundaries here) can, in fact, change your entire outlook, so you return to work refreshed and ready to take on tasks with a positive attitude.

Are you ready to take that long overdue break and join us on an amazing holiday? It’s time to make those memories – pick one of our top family holiday destinations, then put your hand up and say with pride: “I need a holiday – and I need one every year!”

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