If you’ve booked a holiday at Ramada Resort by Wyndham Port Douglas, it’s time to fill out your itinerary with all those incredible Port Douglas activities.

We’ve put together a list of the 10 best things to do in Port Douglas – keep reading to find out what’s on offer.

Marvel at the Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef
The Great Barrier Reef is the largest natural feature on earth. It stretches for more than 2,300 kilometres and boasts more than 2,900 reefs with 400 types of coral and 1,500 species of fish. Explore this incredible phenomenon by diving or snorkelling in the glassy waters. If you prefer to stay dry, though, many tour operators offer a semi-submersible or an underwater observatory to enjoy the view.
Fast Fact: The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park covers an area of 348,000 square kilometres, which is larger than the total area of the state of Victoria.

Explore the Daintree Rainforest

daintree rainforest

Home to more than 3,000 plant species, the Daintree Rainforest is a pristine environment popular with fishermen, hikers and four-wheel-drivers.

Crocodile-spotting is also fun, while Cape Tribulation, located 34 kilometres north of Daintree Village, is well worth a visit. Jungle-surfing is an exciting way to explore the rainforest’s tropical beauty; speed through the rainforest canopy on a zipline.

Fast Fact: The Daintree Rainforest is over 135 million years old.

Visit the Port Douglas Markets

food held in port douglas markets

Established almost 20 years ago, the Port Douglas Markets are held every Sunday from 8am to 1:30pm at Market Park in the heart of Port Douglas.

Nestled between Mary’s by the Sea and Anzac Park, the Markets offer local goods, including food, fresh tropical fruit, exotic flowers, arts and crafts, pottery, glassware, jewellery, and unique Australian souvenirs.

You won’t find any resellers or second-hand vendors here, either – in 1998, the Port Douglas Markets were declared by the council as a ‘Cotters Market’, which means that all goods offered can only be produced by the stallholders or their families.

It’s this authenticity, combined with views of Dickson Inlet and the Daintree Rainforest, that lend the Markets a truly unique atmosphere.  Wander between rows of brightly coloured stalls, spread a picnic blanket on the beachside turf, or just bask in the warm sunlight and listen to the buskers play.

It’s your Sunday, and, at the Port Douglas Markets, you can spend it however you like.

Fast Fact: St Mary’s by the Sea is a heritage-listed chapel, built between 1913 and 1914.

Meet the crocs with Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures

Hartley's Crocodile Adventure

Explore the fascinating habitats of the saltwater crocodile at Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures. This family-friendly attraction features crocodile feeding, cassowaries, snake handling, koala feeding, wetland boat rides and wildlife presentations.

Fast Fact: The average male saltwater crocodile weighs around 500 kilograms, but it’s not uncommon to encounter salties weighing up to a tonne.

Take a picture from Flagstaff Hill

trinity hill lookout, port douglas
The view from Trinity Bay Lookout.

As the highest point in Port Douglas, Flagstaff Hill offers panoramic views of the Coral Sea and Four Mile Beach.

The lookout is accessible via the Flagstaff Hill walking trail, which starts with a set of stairs in Julan Park.  Visitors can follow the trail around the headland, passing three smaller viewing platforms, before reaching the Trinity Bay Lookout.

From there, walk or drive along Island Point Road until you reach the water tower just before Wharf Street; take the right-hand turn, and you’ll find the start of the Flagstaff Hill Lighthouse track, which takes you past the titular lighthouse before finishing in Rex Smeal Park.

Fast Fact: Flagstaff Hill gets its name from the flagstaff located near the lookout, which was historically used to signal shipping arrivals.

Explore Mossman Gorge

Mossman George

The laid-back town of Mossman is best known for Mossman Gorge, where the Mossman River tumbles over huge granite boulders, creating freshwater swimming holes.

You can discover the Gorge’s long history with Ngadiku Dreamtime Walks, which are conducted by local First Nations Guides; you’ll learn about the traditional custodians of the land (the Kuku Yalanji people), visit sacred ceremony sites, participate in smoking and soap-making demonstrations and enjoy a meal of bush tea and damper.

Alternatively, explore the Gorge at your own pace with a variety of self-guided walks.

Fast Fact: The rainforest around Mossman Gorge boasts a variety of fruit-producing trees, some of which are edible and some of which are poisonous.

Float through the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary

As the largest butterfly aviary in the Southern Hemisphere, the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary is a must-visit attraction for visitors to Port Douglas.

This sprawling park plays host to over 2,000 tropical butterflies and moths, and offers an equally impressive array of experiences.  Wander through areas like the Museum and the Food Plant Walk, get scientific at the Laboratory or participate in a guided aviary tour.

Our favourite section?  The Main Aviary.  Landscaped to resemble a tropical rainforest environment, it’s an artful patchwork of streams, ferns and moss-covered trees where you can see one of Australia’s most distinctive butterflies: the gorgeous Ulysses.

ulysses butterfly on fern
The beautiful Ulysses butterfly.

Fast Fact: There are about 440 native butterfly species in Australia.

Visit Wildlife Habitat

Port Douglas is home to some of Australia’s most unique fauna, and no visitor to the region should pass up the opportunity to meet them face-to-face.

Wildlife Habitat comes as labelled – it’s a place for people to see a variety of incredible animals in the natural environments.  Watch giant saltwater crocodiles seize hunks of meat, stroke cuddly koalas and not-so-cuddly pythons, eat breakfast with parrots and see the elusive cassowary in all its red-wattled glory.

cassowary walking
Far North Queensland’s most famous resident.

The park spans five different sections: Savannah, Nocturnal, Wetlands, Rainforest and Woodland.  Each habitat is home to its own collection of creatures, making it easy to spend a whole day discovering Australia’s diversity of species.

Fast Fact: Cassowaries are North Queensland’s most iconic animal, and are the largest vertebrates in Australia.

Discover Mowbray National Park

mowbray river
The Mowbray River.

Adjacent to a sweep of other protected areas – Mount Lewis, Macalister Range and Kuranda – Mowbray National Park is equal parts rainforest and bushland.

It’s dominated by Black Mountain, a dramatic pyramidal formation in the middle of the park; visitors can also find a number of picturesque waterfalls scattered throughout.  The two main walking trails are the historic Bump Track (blazed in 1877), which runs for roughly 12km, and the Twin Bridges track (15km one-way).

Other activities include four-wheel driving, mountain biking and horseriding.

Fast Fact: There are over 1,000 national parks scattered across Queensland.

Experience the Flames of the Forest

The Flames of the Forest is luxury paired with ancient wilderness – the kind of unforgettable experience that’s perfect for a special occasion.

Hosted by members of the Kuku Yalanji people, Flames takes place deep in the Daintree, and holds the distinction of being Australia’s only rainforest dining experience.

Guests can choose from a romantic six-course dinner or a cultural journey exploring the spirituality of Australia’s First Nations, which is accompanied by a seven-course banquet.  Both options include hotel transfers and live entertainment.

Flames of the Forest also offer luxury wedding packages, which take place in the same magical setting.

Fast Fact: Port Douglas is one of Australia’s most popular wedding destinations, hosting roughly 400-500 weddings per year.

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