Does anyone really need a reason to take a holiday and indulge in some much-needed ‘me’ time? When that ‘me’ time extends to include other members of your family, the reasons why a holiday is so important become more meaningful than ever.


1. Creating family memories matters.

Think back to the happiest memories from your childhood. Chances are that at least some of them involve a beach, or a caravan, or even a plane trip to a more far-flung destination. Family holidays stay in our minds for a long time because they help us decompress and hang out with people we care about. These are the kinds of memories that last a lifetime. Whether you get a stamp on your passport or stay close to home, taking a family holiday gives every member of the family something they can hold on to forever.


2. You want to expand your horizons.

There is so much we can learn by experiencing the world around them. Watching kids gather interesting information as they observe new cultures, or take on the challenges of new adventures in places they’ve never been before, is an exhilarating experience for any parent. When you’re by their side as they grow, it’s a pleasure that’s hard to beat.


3. Stress is taking its toll.

The lure of positive holiday benefits can be a powerful force. When both your body and mind start to show the signs that a vacay is long overdue, it’s time to escape and restore both your energy and your health.
Today’s busy families have less and less opportunities to actively be together and, when they do find that time, the pressure of everyday life can make family togetherness seem difficult. To stop stress from having a negative impact on your family, schedule regular family holidays – even if it’s a weekend away just a few hours from home – and watch the transformation.


4. You want to get back to basics.

Remember when talking with a friend, laughing at a silly Dad joke or simply walking through nature was enough to make you really happy? It’s still possible to feel that way. Leaving your everyday zone to plant your feet in fresh soil can be all you need to reset and re-charge. Simple pleasures do still exist, and taking family holidays is a great way to get back in touch with them.


5. You want to teach your kids new skills.

Whether it’s teaching your kid how to swim, giving geography lessons, or watching them become better people by dealing with situations that are out of their comfort zone, family holidays enrich your children’s lives in lots of valuable ways.


6. You miss together time.

When normal life pulls you in different directions, taking a family holiday gives you the all-important opportunity to re-group and remember what you really love about each other. Simple as that.


7. You’re keen to taste new flavours.

Experiencing food from different cultures is always amazing! Even if you’re travelling closer to home, the discovery of a new cafe or restaurant that lets you try something you’ve never tasted before adds flavour to your family’s life.


8. Overcoming fears is liberating.

There’s something about holidays that give us the confidence to take chances and try things we wouldn’t normally tackle.

For your kids, the willingness to try new things can be life-changing! With you there to support them, they’ll make memories that last (and maybe some that you even get on camera).


9. It doesn’t have to cost a lot.

If you’ve been putting off family holidays because you think they cost too much, Wyndham can make you think again. By saving on accommodation, you really can afford the holidays of your dreams regularly (think every year!).


10. Getting a bit home-sick can be a good thing.

Even the most fantastic holiday can have a surprising effect – it can make us appreciate what we already have. Whether you take a few days off from your routine or splurge on a longer retreat, time in a new setting can make returning home seem even sweeter.

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