Lombok is one of Indonesia’s most overlooked holiday destinations. We give you 5 reasons to visit Lombok and its more famous sibling, Bali.

Mount Agung, Bali, at dawn
Mount Agung, Bali

You’re busy.  We know.  We get it.  It’s that seemingly endless cycle, a breathless daily routine that leaves you with just enough time to half-complete your essential tasks: commuting to work, grinding away in the office, putting in some overtime, looking after the kids, maybe getting a workout in here and there.  There’s no room for anything else.  Going to the movies?  Distant memory.  A relaxing facial?  Fancy dinner?  Retail therapy?  Your last slice of ‘me time’ seems like it was forever ago.

But taking a break is important.  Scratch that.  It’s essential.  You can’t operate at 110% 24/7 without crashing and burning.  We know that as well.  You need a holiday, and there’s no time like the present to start planning your two weeks of peace.  That’s why we’ve put together a list of five reasons why you should visit Indonesia’s two best holiday destinations: Bali and Lombok.

“No!” we hear you cry.  “I want relaxation, not two weeks of partying!”  Don’t worry – despite its reputation as the wild epicentre of Australian getaways, Bali and its smaller sibling have a lot more to offer than just Bintang and bumping clubs.  Let’s get into it.


Five Reasons to Visit Bali and Lombok


1. Both Lombok and Bali are, like, totally ‘grammable.

Ulan Danu Beratan Temple, Bali
Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, Bali.

Okay, so maybe you’re not a millennial who says ‘like’ every five seconds and just has to Snapchat everything, but Indonesia’s tourist hotspots are packed full of amazing, Instagram-worthy scenery that will have you snapping away with your iPhone. Bali’s array of ancient Hindu temples is stunning, and it’s complemented by Mount Batur and the agrarian sprawl of the Jatiluwah rice terraces. Lombok is dominated by the towering presence of volcanic Mount Rinjani; just off its coast, you can find the picture-perfect Gili Islands, which are pretty much the definitions of ‘tropical paradise’.


2. You can enjoy a bunch of unique Indonesian experiences.

Yep, a visit to Lombok or Bali won’t leave you with just ‘sun-baking’ and ‘swimming’ as options. Snorkelling, scuba diving, mountain climbing and sliding down waterfalls are a few of the outdoorsy activities available. For something more cultured, attend a traditional Indonesian festival, take a cooking class, learn how to do batik or go swimming with turtles. And eat. Eat as much as you possibly can – Indonesian cuisine is delicious, highly affordable and will introduce you to a whole range of unique island flavours.

Traditional Balinese Religious Statue


3. You can take the kids.

Arguably, you can take the kids anywhere, but a holiday isn’t as much fun when they’re complaining how bored they are or sulking in a corner on their phone. Good news – both Bali and Lombok have a ridiculous amount of family-friendly fun on offer. Say goodbye to moody teenagers and stir-crazy children, because the whole family is going to love these two tropical locations. Learning to surf, visiting zoos, playing paintball and exploring traditional villages are just some of the choices on offer.


4. Culture. So much culture.

Jatiluwah rice terraces, Bali, Indonesia
The Jatiluwah rice terraces, Bali

Nothing helps relieve life-induced stress like a visit to a completely foreign country. When nothing’s familiar, that ingrained, weary numbness melts away, leaving you reinvigorated and bubbling with excitement. From the food to the scenery to the omnipresent religious customs, Bali and Lombok are overflowing with cultural vibrancy. Ubud, Bali’s culture capital, is a must-see; check out Ubud Palace, visit Goa Gajah and listen to a gamelan orchestra. In Lombok, visit ancient Pura Agung Narmada, experience a sunset at Batu Bolong or participate in the Bau Nyale festival.


5. They’re bucket-list destinations.

How many of your neighbours/friends/family have gone to Bali for a wedding/birthday/celebration/general holiday? Maybe it’s just us, but visiting Indonesia seems to be the first holiday on every Aussie’s bucket-list. And for good reason – both Bali and Lombok are cultural hubs complemented by stunning landscapes. If you’re looking for somewhere more lively, Bali is fantastic; for those craving an untarnished tropical getaway, Lombok is for you. Regardless of how you like to travel, these two island paradises demand at least one holiday each. The catch? If you visit once, you’ll be back for more. They’re that enchanting.


It’s time to plan an Indonesian getaway and take that ‘me time’ that you deserve. For Balinese fun, stay at Wyndham Dreamland Resort Bali or Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Resort Bali. For Lombok’s tranquillity, book accommodation at Wyndham Sundancer Resort Lombok.

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