Avid photographer?  Family with energetic kids?  Nature enthusiast?  You probably like to watch sunrises, so we’ve put together the top five sunrise spots in Port Macquarie.  Grab your coffee and camera, and let’s check them out.

1. Tacking Point Lighthouse

tacking point lighthouse

Drive time from Club Wyndham Flynns Beach: 7 minutes

It doesn’t get much better than Tacking Point Lighthouse.  Wander up to this iconic headland location, and watch the horizon lighten as the waves pound at the rocks below you.  Tacking Point’s white-washed lighthouse also happens to be Australia’s thirteenth oldest lighthouse – share that fun bit of trivia with your family as you take in the view.

2. Rocky Beach Lookout

rocky beach lookout

Drive time from Club Wyndham Flynns Beach: 1 minute

Rocky Beach Lookout is just a fairly ordinary park on the fringes of the suburbs, but the panoramic view it offers is pretty spectacular.  It’s the perfect place for the kids to blow a bit of energy as you and your partner marvel at the beauty of the Pacific Ocean.  Grab a coffee on the way there to complete the experience.

3. Nobby Head

nobby head sunrise spot
A view of Shelly Beach from the far side of Nobby Head.

Drive time from Club Wyndham Flynns Beach: 2 minutes

Nobby Head isn’t your classic lookout spot – it’s only accessible via narrow walking tracks, it’s covered in dense bushland and its main claim to fame is a large obelisk constructed to honour a heroic school teacher.  Make your way down to the rocks at the base of the headland, though, and you’ll get a glorious view of the sunrise, complete with ocean breezes and sprays of wave-foam.

4. Harry’s Lookout

Drive time from Club Wyndham Flynns Beach: 3 minutes

A little more on the romantic side, Harry’s Lookout features a hand-carved wooden pavilion that’s frequently used for weddings.  This stunning spot was named after Harry Thompson, a Port Macquarie local who was famous for his carving and immense contributions to the area’s tourism appeal.  The sweeping ocean views are impressive, but the history is pretty interesting too.

5. Shelly Beach

shelly beach
Head for the outcrop at the far end of the beach to get the best sunrise views.

Drive time from Club Wyndham Flynns Beach: 5 minutes

Shelly Beach is great for family-friendly swims, but it’s the rocks at the beach’s southern headland that are great for watching sunrises.  Make your way from Shelly Beach up onto the rocks (or, if it’s high tide, onto the headland itself) and enjoy the beauty of a sunrise untarnished by the presence of other humans.

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