May 07, 2019

541 Walnut Ave, Mildura VIC 3500, Australia

An impressive dust storm at Mildura, in north-western Victoria, has turned day into night, with dramatic photos showing a huge red cloud sweeping through the area. The storm was captured on a Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) webcam as it passed over Mildura Airport at about 5:00 pm. Visibility deteriorated as a huge red cloud appeared and rolled over the airport. Preston woman Lisa Guarnaccia was driving to Mildura when she got her first glimpse of the cloud. "As I was driving through Red Cliffs I could see the sky changing a different color and it was very windy," Ms. Guarnaccia said. After about 20 minutes the worst of the storm passed and the sky began to get light again. "Not that I've ever been in a cyclone but I should imagine that's what it was like. Visibility was very poor," Ms. Guarnaccia said. "I had to slow down to 40 kilometers per hour and that was on an 80kph stretch of the highway." On Twitter, Michael Moodie said five minutes after first seeing the red cloud, the sky was as black as night. BOM senior forecaster Dean Stewart said the strong gust front which picked up the dust extended as far south as Ouyen and Walpeup and had wind gusts of 87kph.

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