We shine a spotlight on Brisbane Powerhouse’s Wonderland Festival and share our top 5 shows!

What is Wonderland?



Summer’s coming, and so is the power-packed Wonderland Festival, presented by Brisbane Powerhouse.  Spanning everything from mystifying mentalism to curious carnality, this eclectic line-up of the hilarious, breathtaking and downright bizarre really is an excursion to Wonderland.

The festival includes displays of magic, athleticism and raunchy comedy – you’ll experience things like absurdist cabaret, scantily-clad cowboys and bewildering card tricks over its week-and-a-half run-time.

You can choose from 30 different events presented from November 21 to December 1, so don’t worry if the kids aren’t quite ready to view Circus-Cision – there’s plenty of family-friendly shows that everyone can enjoy.


Our Top 5 Wonderland Festival Shows

Now, on the off chance that you don’t win that awesome prize we talked about, we’ve put together a list of our five favourite Wonderland Festival shows that you can visit on your own.

These awesome events are the perfect way to spice up a night or a weekend away, so check them out and see if there’s something that catches your eye.


1. Dwell



Date: Thursday 28 November – Saturday 30 November, 2019

Price: Adult $30^, Concession/Group $25^ (^plus a $6.90 transaction fee)

Ages: 15+

Pairing circus acrobatics with a sexy combination of cabaret and storytelling, Dwell is the embodiment of bizarre – from masked, muscly and mostly nude men to shuffling obsessive-compulsives, there’s plenty to keep viewers entertained here.  The premise involves a room at the Dwell Motel, with the audience being privy to each guest’s stay.  There are just three rules at the Dwell Motel:

  1. Please leave the room as you found it
  2. Your stay is short, make the most of it.
  3. And please take your baggage with you when you leave.

This one’s perfect for theatre-goers who want to expand their palate with raw, startling physicality.



2. Matt Tarrant Unsolved

Matt Tarrant magician Wonderland Festival 2019


Date: Thursday 28 November – Sunday 1 December, 2019

Price: Adult $35^, Concession $30^Group $28^ (^plus a $6.90 transaction fee)

Ages: All

Award-winning magician Matt Tarrant returns to the stage in his distinctive snapback to showcase more mind-blowing tricks in Unsolved.  The show comes as marketed – you’ll walk away scratching your head and thinking, “How on earth did he do that?”

Cards appear and disappear.  Shapes morph and merge.  The impossible becomes possible.  Magic, mentalism and deceit collide in this fascinating performance from one of Australia’s top magicians.



3. Circus-Cision

Circus-Cision at Wonderland Festival 2019


Date: Friday 29 – Saturday 30 November, 2019

Price: Adult $39^, Concession/Group $35^ (^plus a $6.90 transaction fee)

Ages: 18+

It’s all in the name.  Circus-Cision promises two things: fun circus tricks and, uh, something a little raunchier.

Ladies and gentlemen, hold onto your hats and everything else, because this weird, incredible and steamy performance is guaranteed to leave you breathless and red-faced.  Featuring flexible acrobats and talented performers, you’ll need to be over 18 to view this one – yes, there’s more than a little nudity.



4. Adulting: Tash York

Adulting Tash York Wonderland Festival 2019


Date: Thursday 28 November – Sunday 1 December, 2019

Price: Adult $30^, Concession/Group $25^ (^plus a $6.90 transaction fee)

Ages: 15+

We’ve all been there.  That awkward age when you’re technically an adult but the shoes don’t quite fit and you’re susceptible to the occasional lapse in judgement.

Enter Tash York, queen of not-quite-grown-up relatability.  She’s been performing award-winning cabaret since 2014, and now she’s nailed another one: an ode to the dumb mistakes of our early adulthoods, like getting engaged at 19 or owing parking fines worth a house deposit.

Pairing biting sass with a warm, energetic vibrance, this is a show for those who’ve managed to adult and for the ones who haven’t quite got there.



5. Christopher Wayne: Fully Clothed

Christopher Wayne Fully Clothed Wonderland Festival 2019


Date: Thursday 21 – Sunday 24 November, 2019

Price: $30^ (^Plus a $6.90 transaction fee) – almost sold out!

Ages: All

Despite the saucy connotations, magician Christopher Wayne’s stellar performance is completely family-friendly (all clothes do remain on).

The first Australian magician to ever headline in Las Vegas, Wayne’s blend of comedy and card trickery is guaranteed to keep both you and the kids entertained.

If you’re looking for startling magic leavened with a helping of energetic humour from a fellow Brisbanite, then Christopher Wayne: Fully Clothed might just be the show for you.



Didn’t find anything to match your performance palate?  Check out the full list of Wonderland Festival acts here.


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