When travelling, hotels should be more than just places to sleep in. They’re a significant part of your holiday experience, and might even be part of your bucket list!

TRYP Fortitude Valley Hotel Brisbane is undoubtedly one of Brisbane’s top hotels, and probably should be on your travel to-do list. Why? As the city’s first and only street art hotel, TRYP Fortitude Valley is an art admirer’s paradise.

Feeling funky? Feeling cool? Feeling like you want to stay at a super unique hotel? We know you do. So c’mon and join us on this digital tour of one of the hottest hotels in Brisbane!

tryp fortitude valley hotel brisbane

About TRYP Fortitude Valley Brisbane

Boredom? What’s that? We don’t know either – you’ll never run out of things to do during your stay here.

Strategically located at the heart of the city, TRYP Fortitude Valley is within walking distance of Brisbane’s best pubs, restaurants, and shopping hubs, and only a few minutes away from the city’s top tourist attractions.

Run by friendly staff committed to providing guests with a unique and rewarding experience, the hotel truly lives up to its customer-centred values.

tryp hotel brisbane staff
Staff wear clothing by globally-renowned local designers BlackMilk Clothing.


Behind the Art

Behind every piece of art is a story. As an art hotel, TRYP Fortitude Valley has also got its own story to tell. After looking at the above pictures, you’re probably wondering what inspired the hotel’s visually-expressive designs.

The striking street aesthetic is designed by world-renowned artists Numskull, Fintan Magee, Rone and Brad Eastman, also known as Beastman. Murals by Gris One and Bao Ho also feature.

tryp hotel brisbane art
Image by Jonathan Nalder @jnxyz on Instagram.

Every level and every room is adorned by contemporary artwork that reflects Brisbane’s unique cultural heritage. The Brisbane chapter of the Secretive Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes, one of the largest fraternal organisations in the United Kingdom, originally inhabited the building in the 1800s.

Its vibrant and edgy design is an artful restoration of the building’s past, providing a fresh and interesting take on the hotel’s history.

Even better, the hotel’s clear elevator displays all levels of original artworks by the hotel’s talented artists! Amazing, right?

tryp hotel brisbane art jonathan nalder
Image by Jonathan Nalder @jnxyz on Instagram
tryp hotel brisbane art jonathan nalder
Image by Jonathan Nalder @jnxyz on Instagram
tryp hotel brisbane art jonathan nalder
Image by Jonathan Nalder @jnxyz on Instagram



The hotel has 65 rooms available, across six different categories:

  1. Twin Room
  2. Queen Room
  3. King Room
  4. King with Courtyard
  5. King with Balcony
  6. Accessible Room

tryp hotel brisbane king

Feel like royalty as you bask in the privacy of your outdoor terrace overlooking the city lights and sipping wine. Fancy, huh?

At night, relax and be at your most comfortable as you sprawl in a massive bed with excellent air conditioning.

Service and Amenities

Aside from the super-comfy, super-funky and super-cozy rooms, TRYP Fortitude Valley also offers a wide array of services and amenities to provide its guests with a memorable stay.

  • Complimentary WiFi
  • In-room entertainment
  • Flexible gathering spaces (The library is uh-mazing! 😍)
  • Trendy mini bar
tryp hotel brisbane library
Heads up bookworms and take a look at this cleverly designed mini library!

The hotel’s mini bar offers a couple of unusual items, including mini bottles of spirits (50ml Belvedere vodka and 50ml Patron XO), Sofi Spritz, Bone Dry Rose, Action Pack (includes a little something for our couples *wink*) and treats such as Rocky Road and the Caramello Koala/Freddo Dairy Milk.

Liven up your accommodations and add TRYP Fortitude Valley Hotel Brisbane to your bucket list of must-visit hotels!










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