With the latest festive season behind you, it’s time to start thinking of ways your family can enjoy some much-needed together time in 2019. After all, in a new calendar year, the time is right to create new holiday plans that help you recharge your batteries and spend quality time doing things you’ve never done before – or revisiting some favourite spots.


Making Time for You in 2019

Life gets busy, but it should never be too busy to appreciate the opportunities for relaxation or adventure that are waiting for you at fresh destinations.

Not sure it’s in the budget? No problem!

If one of your new year’s resolutions is to enjoy a more minimalist year in other aspects of your life (and, let’s face it, who doesn’t need to declutter and enjoy a simpler life?), then it’s time to book with Wyndham and invest in your holiday life.



Better Budgeting for Brilliant Holidays

All those smashed avocado breakfasts that some experts believe are stopping a new generation of potential home-buyers from actually buying a home might also be stopping you from holidaying with your family and friends.

If you’re someone who eats out regularly, try cutting your restaurant/cafe dining by one-third and, rather than letting that extra money languish in your everyday account, shift it into a high-interest account and watch it grow. By locking your money away for as little as three months, you can enjoy the added boost extra interest gives you – and look forward to breakfast in a more exotic locale sometime very soon.

The best way to overcome old habits that prevent you from holidaying is to set new habits. Cut down on your take-away coffee, wash your own car instead of paying a professional to do it, and re-think your expensive cable TV subscription. If you’ve got family, consider whether your children really need to attend 3-4 activities each week? Rather than let your budget be blown on the weekly classes that help you feel like you’re being a great parent, give them the gift of your time. By spending some of that money, you’ll save on an amazing holiday. Chances are, when they’re looking back on the awesome experiences of their childhood, they’ll remember the time they drank mocktails from coconut husks on a white, sandy beach over those late-night karate classes they didn’t really like anyway.

Stretch Your Savings – Then Stretch Out On Holiday

The Aussie dollar exchange rate with the US dollar is at its lowest in ten years, and, for some, that might mean putting off a new year’s resolution to travel more. We say, think again.

There are lots of outstanding domestic and international destinations that can give you way more bang for your buck than America, so don’t be put off.

Consider Dreamland Beach in BaliDenarau Island, Fiji, the Gold Coast, or Phuket in Thailand – all fabulous destinations on offer through Wyndham.

Whether you fancy the thought of snoozing on a sun-lounge or braving the chill of an icy winter, your ideal holiday is just within reach.

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