Visiting Perth? Discover the top 10 Perth festivals, ranging from January to December.

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Perth might seem like a remote city hovering on the fringes of WA’s deserts, but it’s actually an awesome destination worthy of being on every wanderer’s bucket-list.

It offers a whole lot of interesting and unique experiences, from selfies with quokkas, to kangaroos lounging on beaches, but it also hosts some of the best festivals in Australia!

What greater way is there to experience a destination’s culture than with its own vibrant events? We’ve compiled a list of Perth’s must-see festivals that caters to every age and every interest, for the whole year round!

Let’s get this festivity rollin’, shall we?

Perth’s Top 10 Festivals

  1. Fringe World Festival
  2. Perth Festival
  3. Hyperfest
  4. Perth Comedy Festival
  5. Revelation Film Festival
  6. Good Food and Wine Show
  7. Kings Park Festival
  8. Oktoberfest in the Gardens
  9. Perth International Jazz Festival
  10. Origin Fields Festival


Fringe World Festival

Where: Various locations across Perth

When: 17 January – 16 February 2020

Style: Entertainment

Recognized as the third largest Fringe fest in the world, and the largest and most popular festival in Perth, the Fringe World Festival is an annual celebration of different forms of art in the city every summer from January-February. Since it is an open-access festival, artists from all over the world can participate and perform. Here, you can see a whole wide range of circus, cabaret and comedy acts. Musicians, dancers, theatre plays, film and visual art are also featured in various locations around Perth for everyone to enjoy!

fringe world festival perth


Perth Festival

Where: Various locations across Perth

When: 7 February – 1 March 2020

Style: Arts

Brace yourselves for Australia’s longest-running cultural festival! Celebrated annually, the Perth Festival starts just two weeks before the Fringe World Festival ends. It features a wide variety of activities and performances ranging from theatre, dance, opera, music, film, and literature. They also have conversations, lectures, book clubs and fun family events that will surely be enjoyed by the whole fam. So whether you’re going alone, with a partner or with your family, we’re certain there will be something at the Perth fest that’ll be just perfect for you.

performers at the perth festival


Where: Midland, Perth

When: 14 March 2020

Style: Music & Arts

Worried that music fests aren’t kid- and family-friendly? Well, worry no more, because Hyperfest is West Australia’s largest all-ages music and arts fest. It is organised by young volunteers in the city of Swan. So if you ever wanted to see a music festival with your young ones, Hyperfest is the place to be!

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Perth Comedy Festival

Where: Various locations across Perth

When: 20 April – 17 May 2020

Style: Comedy

Laugh the stress away at the Perth Comedy Festival, a celebration of humour and the art of comedy. Bringing you a brilliant line-up of the world’s biggest comedians and WA’s next-big-things, the Perth Comedy fest is sure to bring you acts that will make you cry and laugh out loud. Just be careful not to slap your seatmate while you’re at it, kay?

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Revelation Film Festival

Where: Leederville, Perth

When: 2 July – 15 July 2020

Style: Film

Heads up, movie junkies – this is a must-visit! Reviewed as one of the world’s most distinctive film festivals and one of the best independent film fests in Australia, the Revelation Film Festival showcases a wide range of independent feature films, shorts, documentaries, and experimental works. They host prominent personalities in TV and Film from the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia so if you’re lucky you can catch one of them here!

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Good Food & Wine Show

Where: Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

When: 21 August – 23 August 2020

Style: Food & Drinks

Sample the latest food, drinks, wines, and home products in this fantastic trade show. The Good Food and Wine Show features celebrity chefs, masterclasses, and more than a hundred local and international exhibitors to complement the perfect day out for foodies and wine-lovers.

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Kings Park Festival

Where: Kings Park

When: 1 September – 30 September 2020

Style: Family

Watch the wildflowers bloom at this extravagant display of thousands of extraordinary plant species at the Kings Park and Botanic Garden. Rich in Aboriginal and European history, contemporary culture and stunning architecture, Kings Park boasts an international reputation for being a huge contribution in science and education. It offers an incredibly gorgeous view of Perth and the Swan River and every corner is just … totally ’grammable! When you visit the festival, wear flowers on your hair or put some in your hat – if you don’t bring a flower, the curators may pin some on you. Free wildflower walks are offered not only in English but also in different languages like Nihongo, Mandarin, Vietnamese and Hindi. Fun, lovely views and learning – all at the same time!

purple wildflowers

Oktoberfest in the Gardens

Where: Langley Park, Perth

When: October 2020

Style: Beer fest

Prost! That’s how you say “Cheers!” or propose a toast in German. You may need that if you’re going to attend the world’s largest “Volksfest”, a beer festival and travelling funfair. And what better way to experience an authentic German beer fest than the annual Oktoberfest? Indulge in the largest selection of imported German beer, cider, wine, and delicacies that will make you truly appreciate German’s best. Bring your mates to this party because good friends, good food and good beer make the perfect combination right?

man holding a lot of beers

Perth International Jazz Festival

Where: Various locations across Perth

When: November

Style: Music

The Perth International Jazz Festival is a three-day festivity that takes over the city, bringing together some of the most outstanding local and international talents in the world of jazz. If you’re one who’s up for a relaxing and soulful jazz jam, you must not miss this. As part of this eargasmic festival, not only will you see the artists perform, you will also get to hear them talk about their craft and lives, plus! you can get a chance to learn how to sing in a jazz choir. Experience great music from all over the world and discover new delights!

man holding a saxophone

Origin Fields Festival

Where: Wellington Square, Perth

When: 31 December – 1 January

Style: Music

The Origin Fields Festival is Australia’s largest New Year’s Eve festival, known for bringing together an awesome lineup of artists to celebrate the coming of another year. International artists like Cardi B, Tyler the Creator, DJ Snake and Chance the Rapper have already graced Origin’s stage, so spectators can expect more massive lineups to perform in the coming years.

spectators watching new york fireworks


Now that we’ve rounded up Perth’s must-see festivals, we sure hope you’ll enjoy your future visits to Perth. Whether you’re holidaying in January or in the middle of the year, Perth has got you covered with more than a dozen of fun-filled festivities year-round!

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