Having trouble with holiday inspiration? Not sure if travelling’s a thing anymore because you’ve got kids? Don’t worry – we’ve put together a list of our six favourite Instagram travel families who’ll have you reaching for your passport in no time.


Run by April, a mobile travel consultant and avid travel blogger, @globetrottinggrommets features a feed splashed with aquamarine holiday snaps and pictures of the family’s three children.  There’s definitely a consistent aesthetic here, but what we really love about April’s account is the way she’s managed to integrate her work with what she loves – travelling.

We know how important holidaying is for your mental and physical health, and we know the amazing benefits travelling together has for a family, so wouldn’t it be awesome if you could do both?  Scroll through April’s feed, and you’ll start dreaming about incredible family vacations like Bali, Lombok and Rottnest Island.

April’s captions are always lengthy and candid, which is fantastic if you’re thinking about following in her footsteps on your next getaway.  She offers practical tips like how to get discounts and where to stay, as well as discussing how travelling has helped bring her family closer together.  We’ve had April stay at our resorts on a number of different occasions, and we always love having her return!


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Afternoon tea done right! Not a bad way to spend the afternoon here in Bali right? 😍 We are currently enjoying some family time here at @wyndhamdreamland in Uluwatu, with this private pool in our villa a real treat! I’m not quite sure how we will go back to a normal hotel room actually after experiencing a two bedroom two storey villa 😂 The older two are loving having their own space upstairs, while Jay has bunked down with his Mum & Dad (he is still a Mummy’s boy). The staff here have been absolutely incredible and so friendly! We can’t wait to share with you all more about this hotel and what we have been up to 🌴 @wyndham_holidays #bucketlist . . . . . #hosted #bali #baliwithkids #familytravel #floatingbreakfast #uluwatu #wyndham_holidays #wyndhamdreamland #ilovebali #travelwithchildren #travellingfamilies #levartmaf #travellingwithchildren #villa #momblog #travelagent #perthinfluencer #mummysboy #familytravelblog #familyoffive

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Mom Evie and 10-year-old daughter Emmie are the two stars of this verified travel account.  @mumpacktravel (it’s all in the name) offers a stunning feed which features the duo in some of the world’s most stunning locations.  Evie might be a pro blogger who’s lucky enough to travel as part of her job, but she’s also an amazing inspiration to all the solo parents out there, and we love that about her!

If you’re raising your kids by yourself and the idea of an overseas holiday seems too daunting, just have a browse through Evie’s Insta.  You can see the incredible bond this mother and daughter have, with each shared adventure bringing them closer together.  We love this quote from one of their recent posts:

This is motherhood to me 💕- encouraging and supporting Emmie to be independent, follow her passions and explore new experiences – while very closely stalking behind her!

Her captions range from short to fairly long, covering everything from her daughter’s growth as a person to how various holiday destinations have changed over the years.  All in all, it’s pretty obvious why @mumpacktravel is so popular!


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🥂It’s my birth day! 🥂Another lap around the sun ☀️and I’m so thankful for it – every sag, wrinkle and grey is a mark of my luck of being here on my little journey on earth 💕Not perfectly, not always in the right direction but lived as best I can with my favourite people around me. What more do you need, really? 💙✨🤗 My life is so different now than it was a few years ago. Instead of spending my time making money, I‘m fortunate to be making memories. ✨Instead of spending my days on the train to the city and then at work I’m spending them with Emmie. We don’t have a lot of money ( compared to when I’m working at home) but we are rich in time, and love and experiences – and money is not the marker of my time here anyway. The memories Emmie will have of us, long after I’m gone are worth more to me than any amount of money in the bank. So hooray for another year of adventure and memories well made, and cheers to another ahead. 💕💕💕✨✨✨💕💕💕

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Mornington Peninsula mum Kelly is the person behind @mylittleadventuresau, an account chronicling her travels around Australia and the South Pacific.  Her two young boys and hubby make frequent appearances, but what we really love about this account is how authentic the feed is.  Forget carefully curated content and over-filtered images – Kelly shows what a family holiday really looks like.

Kelly’s bio says she’s a Mornington Peninsula mum, a travel addict and a lover of wine and sunsets, so not every photo is of a holiday, but there’s enough great content here that you’ll put down your phone and feel inspired.  From Bora Bora to Fiji, Kelly and her family are all about exploring the great outdoors.

We love the fact that you can see authentic sibling love in so many photos – we know that shared experiences increase bonding, but it’s always reassuring to have it demonstrated by real-life families.


Award-winning travel blogger Rene Young has a solid following on her Insta account @togetherweroam_, with over 8,000 followers at the time we’re writing this.  Her feed is sprawling landscapes tied together with adorable pics of her two young kids – the beautiful scenery will definitely infect you with the travel bug, so view with caution.

Rene’s bio tells us she’s visited 76 countries so far (wow!) so you can expect a lot of different destinations to pop up in your feed.  If we had to pick a quote to describe @togetherweroam_, it would be: “Travel is not reward for working, it’s education for living.”

The amazing adventures that Rene and her family embark on are going to provide her children with a wealth of knowledge and an appreciation for life that you just can’t get without travelling.  So, if you’re not sold on the idea of taking the kids overseas or around Australia, jump onto Rene’s Insta and get inspired, because this girl’s grid is downright awesome.


Foodies, this is the family travel account you need to follow.  @boyeatsworld is the Insta companion to travel writer Aleney de Winter’s blog, and we love the well-written and often hilarious captions that accompany pics of Aleney’s two kids, Raffles and Sugarpuff.  Dad’s also in the picture, although not literally (he’s been described as a little camera shy).

Both Raffles and Sugarpuff have travelled to over 20 countries, and these two are definitely the stars of the account – expect lots of dynamic, joy-packed pictures of kids and food.  Roaming from Singapore to California, this family is exactly what you need in your feed if you’re a food addict like we are.

@boyeatsworld showcases the lives of Raffles and Sugarpuff (probably not their real names), and it’s incredibly inspiring to see how travelling has moulded and strengthened them.  New experiences shouldn’t be a once-every-two-years event for kids – when you see the cultural appreciation and joi de vivre travel has fostered in these two, you won’t want to wait to book a holiday for your own family.


@theblondenomads consists of Rob, Tracy, Marli and Ziggy, and we’ll give it to them: these guys definitely know how do an Aussie adventure right!  A lot of their pics are of spectacular Outback scenery, but you’ll also come across photos from Japan, Vanuatu and the turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean.

There’s an outdoorsy, unfiltered vibe to Rob and Tracy’s feed that we really love, possibly because they do a lot of travelling by camper van.  Although you’ll still find typically beautiful ’gram-worthy shots, there’s also plenty of authentic family moments that make this grid a joy to scroll through.

The captions are also excellent – they go into enough detail that you can really get a sense of how the Blonde Nomads tackle their holidays as a family unit, but never go overboard.  It’s pretty easy to see how this account has racked up over 35,000 followers!

Did we miss someone? If you’ve got a family Insta account that inspires you to get out there and travel, we’d love to hear about it! Alternatively, if you’re on the hunt for some more holiday motivation, why not subscribe to our blog? We post regular, high-quality articles about travel and holidaying, and offer guides to some of the world’s most stunning destinations. What’s not to love?

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